Advice To Optimize HyperVM VPS Boxes

Managing a VPS server sometimes may be hard: running HyperVM on a master server, with some virtual servers inside, you will oftenly experience some slowdowns, caused by CPU overload.

User complaints? In this article we'll try to explain how to optimize your HyperVM VPS boxes, taking the most advantage from a simple two core processor.

First, you must be concerned that a VPS server is a physical server, splitted into various virtual servers. In main ways, as you have a dual core 2.0ghz main cpu and 10 virtual boxes, you will have 2x2ghz divided by 10, that results in 0.4ghz per VPS. Each VPS has a cpu slice of the main hard cpu. Not always all virtual servers will use 100% of its cpu slice, but you should keep a limit their processing, so that a VPS never run out of its limits.

Remember that a single VPS may demand lots of cpu, and if it's not optimized, it may cause general slowdowns.

Second tip is to limit only a core for each VPS. Remember that HyperVM is a great software, but it's not 100% accurate. Limiting a core for each VPS box will protect your main server from not good surprieses. If your physical cpu have more than two cores, you can give 2 cores for each VPS.

If you don't run a specific application, if you know what you are doing, you can give more cores to each VPS server. These tips will help you in usual ways, where you don't know what your customers are doing inside their VPS.

A third and most important advice is always try to run a failsafe disk RAID setup. As you run more than one server, your disks will demand lots of seeks, and this will shorten their lifetime. You should try to run at least a redundant RAID configuration. In order to gain some performance, a Raid 0 plus 1 would do the job.

The last advice is to never forget the backups. Keep a slave hdd, or a remote file server where you can put your safe copies into.

Carvalho is the director of Servidor VPS. You can read more information and view his bio at Hospedagem de site. Visit Tips to manage HyperVM VPS boxes.

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