Dynamics SL Or Solomon Customization Manager

Dynamics SL or Solomon enables software developers and users to modify standard Solomon screens easily and efficiently. It can be a simple changes that the manager or user can make, or complex customizations that the software developer or consultant with Visual Basic programming and Sql statement experience will do.

The customizations will apply to a single user or to all users, and just select the level from a Solomon setup screen. You may like to add data fields like a Custom Name, or hide data fields. To re-arrange data fields on data entry screens to make it look like the source document. You can also reformat a label or data fields to make them larger or smaller, or change the color to the text. Controls you can add to the screens can be a label, text box, combo box, push button, or a frame. Or to change the order where the Tab orders will be different from they were.

You can also add any new data fields from the Sql Server database, the data can come from an unused Solomon data table or a custom data table. The customization can also be easily exported or imported to and from Solomon, so it can be moved from one computer to another one.

For more advanced customizations, Visual Basic for Application or VBA can also be available to change the logic or add additional functions to the data fields of a Solomon screen. For example, you can add a new field named Result Amount, and use VBA to do the complex math to derive the values from other data fields that are on the screen. The possibilities are almost unlimited with the Customization Manager.

Solomon has been in the accounting software market for many years, and various sizes of companies from small to large are still using its many modules to automate their businesses. The version 7 has upgraded with Visual Basic.Net and made it keep up with what is new in the computer market. With it many modules, data entries, and reports, it is always ready for different types of businesses or working environments. Companies with different industries can select from the modules and use the ones that will fit the companies the most.


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