How Do I Change My Hotmail Password?

There are two ways to change a Hotmail password. If the current password is known, it can be used to sign in and then change the password. But if the current password has been forgotten, then it has to be reset.
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Change the password:

1. Login to Hotmail with the existing password.
2. Click "Options" at the top corner of the page.
3. Under the category "Manage your account", click the "View and edit your personal information" link.
4. Next to Password, click "Change".
5. After furnishing the old password, type in a new password two times and then click "Save".

Reset the password:

A forgotten password cannot be recovered. It can only be reset.

1. On the Hotmail Login page, click the "Forogt your password?" link.
2. Type the email address and the alpha-numeric characters from the picture shown, and click "Continue".
3. Select one of the following two methods:

Method I

1. Request password reset instructions to be sent to your alternate e-mail address.
1. Select "Send passwor d reset instructions to me by e-mail".
2. Select "Alternate e-mail" and click "Continue" and then "OK".
3. Open the alternate e-mail account, and then follow the instructions in the e-mail message sent from Hotmail.

Method II

1. Answer a question to verify your identity
2. Click "Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity".
3. Select your country or region, provide the answer to your secret question, and then click "Continue".
4. Type the new password two times, and then click "Continue".
5. If an alternate e-mail address has not already been set up, do one of the following:
* To set up an alternate e-mail address, enter the e-mail address two times, and then click "Continue".
* To skip setting up an alternate e-mail address, click "Skip".
6. To sign in to Hotmail, click "Sign in to Hotmail".


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